Our Mission

Legacy Living provides a unique way to care for your loved one because of the intimacy of our home.

We are able to provide one on one care for your daily needs. This includes assistance with dressing, feeding, bathing, medication, and mobility, just to name a few.

A designated full-time staff and a limit of five residents gives us the opportunity to serve you with a familiar home feel.

We understand that moving away from your current home may bring many questions and concerns. At Legacy Living, our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible and provide the comfort of your home in our home.

There is no need to worry about another future move because we will care for you through your life changes and possible palliative care. We have the experience and dedication to walk with you through upcoming life changes.

About Denise

Denise Mrdjanov has been a long-time resident of Norton and Copley, Ohio. She and her husband Rick raised their four children locally.

Legacy Living first came about as a way to extend family care to the community. When Legacy first started out, there were very few small setting assisted living facilities available to families in the area. The care at Legacy Living has remained outstanding over the years because the number one priority is the resident and their needs.

Denise has made the residents care and comfort her mission from the first day she opened her home in November of 2006. We invite you to come and meet her and our friendly staff. Let us share a meal together and look forward to the start of a great relationship for you and your loved one.