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The choice is yours?
Limited options make the choice for elderly care difficult. In the past, you had but a few options, such as, paying a caregiver to go to a home and provide less then 24-hour care, or moving to a hotel-style assisted living complex. The only other choice is to invite your loved one into your home and care for their every need, while continuing to juggle your already busy schedule. It’s not an option to continue to leave yourself or loved ones to care for themselves and take the risk of falls, injuries, or worse, a major medical emergency. In the case of a stroke or heart attack what choice do you have?
The choice is now yours to decide the care you or your loved one will receive. Denise Mrdjanov, of Norton, Ohio, grew up and raised her family in the Akron area. Denise saw the issues that plague the elderly, children of the elderly or those planning 10, 20 or even 30 years into the future. She knew the choices were limited and the benefits few... On a trip to see a family member in San Diego, Denise was introduced to a solution when she least expected it. Her cousin in California worked with the elderly, using a house she made into an assisted living home. Denise’s cousin looked after the elderly as though they were her own mom and dad. She filled the house with pleasant amenities and the residents all loved the home cooked meals and companionship. Denise immediately saw the benefits and with much excitement she began to plan. Her family loved the idea and with much enthusiasm purchased their first house.
Our assisted living house is located at 836 Jacoby Road in Beautiful Copley, Ohio. Experience true legacy living in a quiet, residential environment where we provide all the amenities of a large facility, with the warmth and comfort of a home. At Legacy Living, you’re not a patient; you’re part of our family.
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